Xbox Infinity? – Is Infinity a Good Name for a Console?

by Yo Snyder

So we know about the WiiU, we know that the next Playstation
is the logically named Playstation 4, but what about the next Xbox (or as I’ve
been calling it, the NextBox…eh, clever, no?). Well, according to some reports
that are surfacing, your next gaming console from Microsoft may be called Xbox
Infinity. We’ll know for sure exactly what the new console is being called when
Microsoft does an unveiling on May 21st, but in the meantime, what
do you think of the Infinity. Is it a case of the ultimate one-upmanship (PS3,
Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox Infinity, we
win!)? Is it a good name? Would you want Infinity in your living room?
(actually, that has kind of a nice ring to it, don’t you think?) Share your
thoughts in the comments below.