X-Universe Update – The Good And The Not So Good

by Yo Snyder

This week is another busy one for X-Men fans as we take a
look at three of the X-titles released. With so many to choose from it is getting increasingly difficult to keep
a solid comic book budget and be an X-Men fan, so which ones are worth your
hard earned cash this week?

Uncanny X-Force

If you have read my last couple X-Force reviews you know I haven’t been as stoked with Rick
Remender’s current arc titled “Otherworld” as I have been with the previous
stories he’s told in the pages of Uncanny
. To catch you up, Fantomex
is sentenced to death in Otherworld for murder (which is odd to me considering
the point of X-Force is using lethal force on enemies) and the team heads over
to save him. I love the team but I’m
having trouble with the motivations right now. Psyloche is destined to save
him…because she loves him? Didn’t we
just have this story with the Dark Angel saga where Psyloche was destined to
save Angel…because she loved him? Maybe
my standards for Remender are too high but Uncanny
has been brilliant in the past and the vision he has cast with Venom is equally brilliant, so “Otherworld”
feels like a filler story. I can understand
filler for an issue but we are on part 3 and I’m still waiting for something
big to happen. Another note is the
art. As I’ve expressed before I’m not
crazy about the art style for this run, but I understand it’s set in Otherworld
thus the trippy almost chalklike designs. At this point I’m wondering if putting on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon will help. Here’s to having better luck with Wolvie in
his newest series.

Score: 4/7

Wolverine and the

Whereas I am not super amped on Uncanny right now, I can’t help but gush on Wolverine and the X-Men. Where to begin? Kitty Pride is
infected with Brood so most of the team is currently inside her fighting them
ala Honey I Shrunk the X-Men, Wolverine and Kid Omega are traveling to Planet
Sin a.k.a. the Las Vegas of the galaxy to “play the odds” and steal enough
money to save the school while a horde of life size Brood plus an even larger
mercenary figure are about to invade the school for “brood only knows what”
while the team is distracted…phew…I love Jason Aaron. Aaron is writing a fresh, new X-Men series
with a mostly new cast of characters yet somehow reminding me of the childlike
love I have for the X-Men. There is no
political take. No threat to the human
race that will topple everything unless we (insert overused comic idea
here). Just a series that doesn’t take
itself too seriously while keeping up solid action and witty dialogue. Of all the titles Wolverine is involved
in…and it’s almost all of Marvel at this point…Wolverine and the X-Men is my personal favorite. Bravo. 

Score: 6/7

New Mutants #38

New Mutants kicks
off a brand new storyline with the team heading to Paradise to help teammate
Doug Ramsey a.k.a. Cypher find closure with his death. When the team gets there they find much more
than they bargained for and soon a new mission begins. Honestly, I don’t have much to say on this
title. It’s a starting point for a new
storyline and like most chapter ones it involves a lot of set up. The cliffhanger at the end sets up nicely
what could be a promising story so we will have to wait and see how the team
handles their current predicament. Overall, if you love New Mutants
this could be a nice run, but if you are looking to save some cash this could
be a pass for now.

Score: 4/7

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