Wreck-It-Ralph – Best Video Game Movie Ever?

by Yo Snyder

Okay, so as a gamer, a movie-buff, and just all-around geeky dude, Wreck-It-Ralph has rapidly ascended to the top of my “must see movies” for the Fall season. It looks like this generations Who Framed Roger Rabbit
(one of the greatest movies of all time, by the way). How can you not
get stocked about seeing icons of gaming from Bowser to the Pac-Man
ghosts to Sonic the Hedgehog to Q-Bert all making an appearance in this
movie. Aside from all the of the awesome cameos and insider gamer jokes,
it looks as though Disney might actually have a really fun and sweet
story to tell as well. Seriously, watch the trailer, leave your thoughts
in the comments below, and add this movie to you’re “I’m going to see
it!” list.