What’s Happening – New Round-Up

by Yo Snyder

News of the week 1/27/12 — 2/2/12

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Guide’s weekly
news roundup of spectacular awesomeness. It’s been a slow news week for games,
but after last week it’s nice to have a breather.

Wii U rumors

It was announced (admittedly toward the end of last week)
that the Wii U will be getting user accounts, much like Xbox and PS3 players
are already accustomed to. This will allow downloadable content (DLC), digital
distribution, and more.


going F2P

In big news this week, the 13 year old MMO champion, Everquest, is going free to play. This
comes on the heels of Everquest 2’s
expansion into the F2P realm. Somehow, there are still many, many, many players
of Everquest, enough so that Sony decided this would be a good financial move.


PS Vita downloadable games

Joystiq reported that the PS Vita’s downloadable library
games will actually cost less than their physical media counterparts. That’s
good news, especially because it makes sense. So if you’re one of the four
people who can afford a Vita, I guess you have the money to throw around. How
about throwing some at The Guide, while you’re at it? Ahem. Anyway, there’s no
report on what the actual difference in price will be.


WoW patch!

If you play World of
, a new patch has hit this week. But it’s OK, it won’t eat the WoW
fan in your life. It’s a big patch which will bring some quality of life
updates to the game, but no actual new content. The news here is that they also
released a 64 bit version of the client, which is pretty awesome. Originally posted
on WoW Insider.


Rift Lite

In other MMO news, it has been announced that Rift is free to play until level 20.
Free is great. This kind of extended trial, I’m not sure of. Still, it’s a move
in the right direction. The game received great reviews, so now’s a great
chance to check it out.


EA Games’ financials

You know news is slow when we report on financials. It looks
like EA Games lost a ton of cash in their 3rd quarter ($205
million), while Star Wars: The Old
has exceeded expectations at 1.7 million active subscribers.
That’s not too shabby.



Simpsons Arcade

Do you like The Simpsons Arcade? It’s kind of a classic.
Well, it’s coming to Xbox live arcade, as well as the PSN this Friday. It’ll be
free to Playstation Plus subscribers, otherwise will run you about $10 for a
very yellow shot of nostalgia.


Star Wars TV series rumors

Here’s another stupid rumor, because I kind of like stupid
rumors. It seems that there is talk of time travel being in the upcoming live
action tv series. This series is supposed to be based on bounty hunters
already, so I’m not sure how this will work out to be any kind of good. Time
travel has been noticeably absent from Star Wars, which is one of the more
pleasant things about it; not that time travel is lame, but it creates a
complexity far greater and more confusing than Star Wars needs. I just need laser
swords, man.


Episode 1 in 3D

As you all are probably aware, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace will be released in 3D in a week. Den
of Geek has the run-down on possibly the worst trailer ever for a Star Wars
film. I mean it. I can’t comprehend how bad this trailer is, and it’s been 8
hours since I watched it. I’m not so sure I want to see the movie again after
seeing it. It’s ok to cry.


That’s all the news for this week! Thanks for hanging out on
The Guide. Remember, if you like us, tell your friends!