What’s Happening – All Kinds Of News, All In One Place

by Yo Snyder

News of the week!

Another slow-ish week in the news, but there are a few good
gems. Lets get to it!

Skyrim/Portal 2

If youre playing Skyrim,
theres a new creation kit that mashes the RPG with the amazing Portal 2. Theres also mods already out
that use it! Now Portal 2 is one of
the most amazing games ever, so Im pretty thrilled that this thing exists.



WoW in Minecraft?

Fans of the most popular MMO, World of Warcraft, have decided to recreate the World of Warcraft
in Minecraft. That sounds to be a
crazy big project!


Activision-Blizzard earnings call

Speaking of WoW, The Activision-Blizzard earnings call gave
us some things to worry about, as well as get excited for. On the excitement
front, it appears Diablo 3 is still
being slated for Q2 this year. On the downside, WoW is down another 100,000
subscribers giving it a paltry 10.2 million monthly subs. Oh, for shame.



Han shot first!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the great and
irredeemably powerful George Lucas stated that Han never shot first. Too bad
the fans already shot first in this exchange, saying Han did in fact, shoot
first. Still much like A New Hope, Lucas isnt content in allowing our
childhood memories to go untarnished.


New Smallville

A little site called Comic Vine has the scoop on the 11th
season of the Superman show, Smallville.
However, its not ever going to air on TV. Instead, its being written as a new
comic series, by Bryan Q. Miller, a former Smallville



You know, that show on TV about the neurotic and obsessive
jerk of a doctor, House? Sad news if
youre a fan, the show is Coming to its natural end in April, according to a
report from Den of Geek.


Enders Game

Probably my favorite fiction ever written, Enders Game, is finally being produced
into a film. With the hopes that the movie will be great, and with an awesome
cast slated such as Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Hugos Asa Butterfield as Ender, the cast could end up pushing the
film to the extreme of awesome. One concern I have is that Gavin Hood is
producing, and even reworked the script. You might remember him from a gem
called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Den
of Geek has a great rundown of what we know about the production. I, for one,
am pretty stoked about it. I call dibs on this review, Yo!