What’s Happening – All Kinds Of News, All In One Place

by Yo Snyder

Yay for our weekly news roundup! This
is the part of the week where we go out to the interwebs, and we gather up all
the goodies for your reading pleasure.


of Amalur: Reckoning

of Amalur: Reckoning
seems to be doing well for itself, as
it’s topped many charts, including the UK sales charts. To see The Guide’s
review of the game, just click the link below!



Star Wars

Do you like Lego Star Wars? Good news for you then, Lucasarts has renewed the license
for another 10 years. Can you stand 10 more years of Lego Star Wars? Can you?


gaming with the 8-Bitty

iCade has announced a new device that
looks suspiciously like a classic NES controller. The 8-Bitty is a clever
mashup of 8-bit gaming, and an itty-bitty controller to play classic games
right there on your iOS device. If that’s not snazzy, I don’t know what is.


across the universe…

Dan Stahl was once the executive
producer for Star
Trek Online
. He left after Cryptic was purchased
by Perfect World. Many fans were sad, because Dan has an incredible love for
the franchise, and cared about the fanbase. He built a great reputation for
communicating with the fans to work to make the game great. Well, he’s back,
from outer space. The only look on STO fans’ faces is happiness.


, the new Space Combat sim

In space, no one can hear you scream.
But, they can hear lasers, somehow. Space Combat Simulations have been few and
far between for the last decade. SOL: Exodus
is trying to change all that. They have a demo. If you have fond memories of Wing Commander or Star
Wars: X-Wing, you should check it out.



Once of the lamer sides of gaming is
the absolutely filthy Dead
or Alive series. However, Team Ninja and the new
management of the game are looking to change all that. They want to change the
focus in the new game from the over-the-top scantily clad sex fueled game, to
something more mature, and appealing on an emotional level. I can definitely
approve of that type of change, and I hope they do well by it. We all know
gaming can be so much more than what this game series has portrayed.


Guild Wars 2, on
your favorite console!

Good news if you were hoping to play Guild Wars 2 on a console, your wishes have been granted. In an
unexpected move, they’ve announced that the MMO is indeed coming to a console
near you.



If you’re a girl, and you are into game
design, you might want to go check out Sony’s competition. They grant
scholarships and stuff. It’s pretty spiffy.


Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG

I’ve saved the most important news for
last. They’re really doing it. Every fanboy’s dream is coming true. The 11th
Doctor is going to team up with Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise
to fight the unholy union of the Borg and Cybermen. If you have no idea what
I’m talking about, you really should. Doctor Who
is one of the greatest shows on TV. I recommend starting at season 5. Then, get
excited with me!


That’s all the news for this week.
Thanks for reading, and remember that The Guide is your place for all the