What’s Happening – All Kinds Of News, All In One Place

by Yo Snyder

Here’s your weekly news roundup, brought exclusively to you by
The Guide.

Angry Birds going to

The next version of the popular Angry birds will be traveling to where no bird has gone before —
outer space. That’s right, Angry Birds


Penny Arcade’s ratings campaign

The crazy popular and long lived Penny Arcade is teaming up with
the ESRB on a new ratings campaign. Although Penny Arcade is known for their…
less than mature humor, they certainly have their hearts in the right place
with this campaign series educating parents on why they need to be mindful of
what they are purchasing for their children.


Portal gun is on its

There’s a new prop replica in town, the Portal gun. I want one, and you should want one too, because it’s
super awesomely cool. It’s a little pricy though, as it’s expected to run about


Battlefield 3 fixes

Looks like Battlefield 3
is getting a crazy ton of fixes. If you play Battlefield, you’ll want to pay attention to the list, there’s some
pretty important things here, like… Attempting to crouch will now interrupt


Battlefield pulled from
iOS store

Speaking of Battlefield, the Battlefield
title seems to have been pulled from Apple’s iOS store. The app
had some pretty crazy issues, and Joystiq reported that it had a whopping user
rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. I’m not sure why, but when an app is pulled I
always wish I’d been able to purchase it before.


Next Blizzard game F2P?

A new rumor has it that the next MMO game from Blizzard is
looking at the ever growing in popularity Free to Play (F2P) model of
transactions. That would be a pretty dramatic shift from how Blizzard already
does business.


Xenoblade coming to

Xenoblade Chronicles
has been released both in Europe and Japan. The only way American players could
play was a series of hacks for the console and to import the game. Well, no
longer, as the game is finally arriving on April 12, according to Joystiq and
Nintendo of America.


Mechwarrior is

If you’re like me and grew up during the advent of PC gaming,
you’ll remember Mechwarrior with fond memories. Good news is that it’s back,
and will be launching as a massively multiplayer free to play title later this
very year. Now if they’d only bring back Wing
and X-Wing


Well, that’s it for this week! That was a very nice bunch of
news, don’t you think? We round up the news every week on Friday right here on
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