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by Yo Snyder

News of the week 1/22/12

Welcome to The Guide’s first news roundup. The internet is a
huge place, and it’s easy for exciting or important news to go uncovered.
Because we are so very dedicated to our readers, we’ve aggregated and collated
all of our favorite news stories for the week into one place for your reading

The Star Trek
Cryptic/Atari fallout

As reported by Massively, Star Trek Online developers have disclosed some interesting history
about how Atari crippled their ability to produce content for the game.
Apparently, Atari simply didn’t understand why continued development of a MMO
would be important, once it was launched. Juicy details describe how the staff
was cut down to a skeleton crew by Atari, and how Cryptic was barely able to
get content released. The recent acquisition by Perfect World seems to have
given Cryptic the ability to ramp up their production staff, and start building
content. The downside however, is that there will only be two new series of
missions released in 2012. It’s good to know the company and game are in good


Resident Evil 6

Last week, the official announcement of Resident Evil 6 was
released, with the first trailer for the game. It looks pretty incredible.
Since then, a slow but steady stream of information has been released.
According to Joystiq, it appears there will be 2-8 player online multiplayer,
and 2-6 player online co-op play. Looks like Leon will be able to bring along
some friends for shootin’ up zombies this time around.


Lego and Minecraft

It looks like a very strange combination of Lego and
Minecraft is actually happening. Joystiq reports that the petition reached
10,000 supporters and is now moving on to the development stages for Lego to
create product based on the widely popular sandbox MMO.


New Xbox rumor #1

Are you itching for a new console? Are you tired of Red
Rings of Death on your 360? How would you like a console that is 6 times as
powerful? Well, chock this up to rumor, but IGN is reporting that that “Xbox
720” will be 6 times as powerful as the current generation ‘box. Joystiq is
reporting similar, as well as a October/November 2013 launch date. Although
there are good reasons to believe that there is truth to this rumor, but it’s
still a rumor. Keep an eye out on The Guide, for any new deets!



Ben Heck

Ok, we’re going to get a little geeky here. Have you heard
of Ben Heck? He’s kind of a geek legend. He hacks together custom mods such as
Xbox laptops, contraptions to help people with disabilities, and such. Well,
he’s made something that I’m sure Stevo will be completely envious of. That’s
right, a hot-pocket disposer on an Xbox controller. This has to be seen to
believed, it’s pretty epic.


More next-box rumors!

Pretty much every gaming and tech site on the web has
reported a rumor that the next Xbox will in fact, not be able to play used
games. Since this is a rumor, I’m going to call this as completely false. This
would destroy rental businesses everywhere, and simply take out a lot of the
fun from social gaming.


Wax on, wax off.

There’s apparently a game called Reality Fighters coming out. They apparently put Mr. Miyagi in it,
as a playable character. If there’s a way to get a nerd like me to play a game,
it’s that.


Portable Steam

This week we also got a very peculiar piece of news, that
Steam has released an iOS and Android app. Steam is a game distribution
platform for PC and Mac that is developed by Valve, the makers of the Halflife
and Portal games. It’s currently the largest web based game store for the PC
and offers 1500+ titles. With this mobile app, you can purchase PC games for
your Steam account from your phone, as well as read reviews and chat with your
Steam friends. While this isn’t necessarily interesting in and of itself, it’s
a start for Steam’s mobile presence, and I am pretty sure they will expand on
this in the future.


Them thar birds is angry!

You know them, you love them. Apparently they think so many
people love Angry birds that it’s coming to Facebook on Valentine’s day, of all
days. I hope your real life valentine will understand when you send him or her
that annoying Facebook game invite. It’s OK, you have to do something together
on V-Day, right? Right?



That’s all for the news this week! If you enjoyed this
feature, please feel free to let us know, so we can keep doing it! If you
didn’t, just pretend you did, and keep an eye out for more awesomeness from The
Guide. Thanks for reading.