Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Play As Your Own Transformer

by Yo Snyder

How would you like to play as your very own, custom-made,
self-designed Transformer? Sounds pretty coo, no? Well, in the
multiplayer of the upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron,
you’ll get the chance to do just that. In fact, you’ll get an even early
chance to try it out thanks to a demo that’s dropping at the end of the

The demo will give you a little taste of what the
single-player missions are like with two examples to try out, and of
course it’ll also give you a little taste of the multiplayer, including
what it’s like to build and battle with your very own, custom
Transformer. Gamespot
recently posted the first peek at what all the multiplayer mayhem will
look like. Plus, the game will also have some pretty cool DLC, including
a G1 pack that lets you enjoy a totally retro Optimus Prime. All things
considered, it looks like just the sort of game any Transformers fan
can get excited about, and if that isn’t enough, did we mention that you
can also play as Grimlock. Yeah. Sweet. The demo drops July 31st, but
you can get early access if you’re a Gamestop Power-Up Rewards member.
The game itself drops August 21st.