Total Recall – Why? Why Do This?

by Yo Snyder

Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was very much a
product of its time; the 90s. It was bombastic, over-the-top, loaded
with cheesy, punny one-liners and gratuitous violence with a dash of
sex. Not the greatest movie ever made, but it had its charms in a I
cant believe we used to think that looked cool kind of way. Why anyone
thought itd be a good idea to remake that film, I cant imagine. The
first trailer for the Total Recall remake has finally been
released, and it seems to confirm all of my fears. It doesnt look like
it has any of the character or personality of the original, the trailer
doesnt convey much of the plot and just looks messy, and as is the
trend these days, theres no mention of Mars (which apparently has
become box office poison). Thats right, this is another sci-fi
adventure that deals with Mars, or at least the book and the original
film did. Not that it matters, no matter where its set, it still looks
messy. Personally, Im not impressed. What do you think? Share your
thoughts about the original or the upcoming remake in the comments