Tiger Woods PGA 12 – Having A Caddy Is Handy

by Yo Snyder

John 14:16 (NASB) “”I will ask the Father, and He will
give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever…” The hole is about
two hundred yards away. The course has a slight dog-leg to the left, with
hazards of a little pond and some bunkers. My caddy is telling me to hit it
short and lay-up just in front of the green. I think I can hit the green right
from where I am. I wind up and hit that dimpled ball as hard as I can. Splash.
I should have listened to my caddy. Tiger Woods 12 is perhaps one of the most
realistic golf sims around, and this year it has the added feature of caddy
advice. As I’ve learned, it’s good to listen to your caddy. In fact, that’s
true of life as well. Did you know that we have a life caddy? Someone to help
us with each decision we make? Someone who’s willing to give us advice and help
so we can safely navigate the hazards of life? That’s essentially who the Holy
Spirit is; our life caddy. He’s our Advocate, Counselor, and Helper; and if we
will listen to him, we will no longer miss the mark. A caddy’s advice is only
useful when listened to, and the same is true of our helper the Holy Spirit.
The good news is when we do listen, we’ll stay on the fairway righteousness,
avoid the hazards of sin, and we’ll do far better than just par in our lives.