Thor: The Dark World – Will the Sequel Be Memorable?

by Yo Snyder

Thor was really a
rather bland movie. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it wasn’t exactly memorable
either outside of the fact that along with Captain
it lent to the most context to The Avengers. With Avengers 2 still quite a ways off, it’s
doubtful that Thor 2 will do the
same, which has left me wondering what exactly to expect from the sequel. The
latest trailer makes it look like Thor’s second adventure will be about as
bland as his first; again not bad, but it looks like a fairly typically
fantasy/adventure type film, albeit with a super hero in it. True, it’ll be fun
to see more of the devious Loki, but the images of mass destruction in a major
city…well, truth be told, that particular image in super hero films these days
is getting a bit worn out. It looks as though Thor 2: The Dark World will be an enjoyable film overall, but
without any major ties to Avengers 2
(at least it doesn’t have any that we know of), will it really be able to
standout on its own? Here’s the latest trailer. Take a gander and share what
you think.

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