The Vow – A Worthy Date Movie?

by Yo Snyder

Day is right around the corner and we can expect Hollywood to provide us with
that perfect date-night movie. The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and
Rachel McAdams, hit theaters Friday and left the female viewers wishing for a “love like that” in this new romantic drama.

When McAdams’
character, Paige, loses her memory in a bad car accident, she no longer
remembers her husband or the vows they made to each other. Her husband, Leo,
played by Tatum, knows her memory loss doesn’t
erase his love for her or the vows he made. He works to win back the love of
his wife.

Overall, I thought the movie was positive and
well made. There were parts to the movie that played out slowly, suitably
though. It was sentimental, but not sappy. It had a balance of humor and
heartache. The dialogue was original and believable. The relationships were
realistic and relatable.

I enjoyed the challenging twists in the
storyline. A brain injury that leaves a wife married to a complete stranger is
problematic enough. But the challenges kept developing for the young couple,
keeping the plot less predictable and pleasantly involved. Many times when
stories become too intricate, there are loose ends. However, each detail in the
story was concluded nicely.

still not entirely convinced of Tatum’s
ability to take on a role. When I watch him on screen, I still see an actor
when I should be seeing his character. The only movie I’ve accepted him in was Shes
the Man
. Apparently the producers loved his big heart.

As for McAdams, I am a huge fan. I adore her
charm and natural ability to completely embody her character. She was born for
roles like this and played a convincing woman with severe memory loss.

I am not a love-story movie kind of girl. But I
came out of that theater surprised how caught up I became in the characters and
their dilemma. I was proud and appreciative of the creators for telling a story
that values marriage and commitment instead of promoting promiscuity and
infidelity as normal and expected in today’s
culture. It was a relief.

However, it is still rated PG-13 and not
appropriate for viewers under that age limit. I encourage older teens to be
highly discerning with some of the sexual material in the movie. The film
contained brief sexual material (we see them naked in bed together with
important parts covered up), partial nudity (Tatum’s bare backside and shots of the two in their underwear), suggestive
behavior and some language.