The Martian

by Yo Snyder

The Martian is the type of movie that will draw you in if you let it.  During the first few scenes I was a bit removed, judging the validity of certain events, but that quickly gave way to a fully engrossed movie experience. I sat next to Mark (excellently played by Mat Damon) as he began his journey of survival on Mars.  I was moved to joy when he successfully grows plants on the Martian surface.  I was equally frustrated when other attempts were less successful.  By the end of the movie, I was on the edge of my seat with anxiety and hope.  It’s been a while since a movie has so pulled me in as the Martian has.  And that’s one of the highest compliments I can pay a movie.

Ridley Scott did an excellent job with this material.  I specifically avoided the book so I could enjoy the movie first and go back to read the book (something I have learned to do over the years when I know a movie has been optioned).  So I can’t comment on how well the movie pulled the pages of the book onto the screen.  One of the highlights of the film for me was the sound track which I can only hope is from the pages of the book!  What an amazing selection of music and if you listen carefully you will find the subtle way the lyrics highlight specific scenes and moments in the movie.

All of the actors hit their marks for me and I thought character selection was spot on.  There are some scenes of how the world comes together which are not highlighted in the preview so I will leave those a surprise but it was definitely a highlight for me.

When a movie pulls you in the way the Martian did for me, it reminds me that there is something bigger than myself out there.  I think one of the biggest struggles many
Christians fall into is an apathetic self-centeredness.  Almost subconsciously, we slowly turn inward. Sometimes attempting to wear a façade of selflessness but inside we know who we are really serving.  Seeing the world rally around a rescue and considering the sacrifices of not only nations but individuals, reminds me of where my focus really should be.  On serving and loving others.  So I walk out of this theater with not only sense of wonder and awe at the amazing story that just unfolded, but also with a renewed sense of what it means to put others first.

6.5 out of 7
I have to nitpick to pull it down from a perfect 7, so don’t take that half a point too serious but perfection is hard for me admit.  Let yourself be drawn in and enjoy the story that can remind you it’s not all about you.  Rated PG-13 primarily for adult situations, language (and I have to admit, the strong foul language in a couple scenes still had me chuckling at how it was used) and a brief scene of male nudity that helps deliver a key scene.