The Man of Steel – First Look At Superman’s New Suit

by Yo Snyder

A new Superman movie is finally in the works, rebooting the franchise (again) after the mostly disappointing Superman Returns. This time 300 and Watchmen
director Zack Snyder is at the helm, and he’s lined up an impressive
cast. Henry Cavill plays the…uh…well, the Man of Steel with Amy
Adams as Lois Lane. Michael Shannon plays General Zod, Russell Crowe and
Julia Ormond will play Jor-El and Lara-El while Kevin Costner and Diane
Lane will play Jonathan and Martha Kent. Plus, it was recently
announced that Laurence Fishburn, fresh off his time on CSI, will
play Daily Planet Editor Perry White. So we have a solid cast, a
director with a unique sense of style, but what most nerds such as
myself really care about is “what will Superman look like?” Well, Warner
Bros. has heard those questions and provided an answer with this first
teaser photo. Click here to see a hi-res version posted by IGN.com.

A couple of thoughts about this shot. First, I like the large “S” shield; that is one of the many things Superman Returns
got wrong, so this is a definite improvement. The larger looking cape
also looks very cool and helps this Superman have a more of an imposing
presence. I’m still not a fan of the muted color scheme, nor do I like
the textured look of the material. It has a very similar look the the
armor Thor wore. The classic look of the belt is a nice touch, as are
the classic looking boots. Also, did you notice? No curl in the hair.
Not sure how I feel about that. Overall, it’s a good first impression.
This Superman looks powerful, like he means business, and that he’s not
to mess with. He also looks slightly larger than life, which is exactly
the impression Superman should give. What do you think?