The Lone Ranger – Take A Peek At The New Trailer

by Yo Snyder

So, the first trailer for The Lone Ranger made things look pretty
cool, but didn’t exactly blow me away. The second trailer has kind of
reinforced that opinion. It looks fun and all, and you can definitely
see the Pirates of the Caribbean DNA in the film, and having
Johnny Depp in the movie enhances that even more, but that may be the
problem. I’m sort of getting this impressions that it’s PotC with a
Western coat of paint on it. Again, that doesn’t mean I think it’s going
to be bad, it still looks fun, but perhaps a little too familiar. Also,
and maybe it’s just me, but does the way Depp’s Tonto speaks remind you
a little of the way Tonto, and most Native Americans for that matter,
seemed to talk in the classic Westerns of the fifties? In any event,
those are my thoughts, what do you think. Summer 2013 is starting to
look pretty busy, how high does this one rank on your “must see” list?