The Lone Ranger – He’s Riding Again; Is That Good?

by Yo Snyder

I’ve always loved the Lone Ranger. Partly because I love westerns,
partly because he’s like a cowboy super hero (which is just cool). Well,
when the team the brought us The Pirates of the Caribbean announced they were working on a new version of The Lone Ranger,
I was pretty stoked. Unfortunately, the production has been trouble
since day one. Budget issues almost got it canceled before it started,
partly because other “big” westerns such as Cowboys and Aliens and even John Carter
haven’t fared all that well at the box office. Still, if anyone can
pull this off, I think the team of Verbinski, Bruckheimer and Depp are
the one’s to do it. The movie doesn’t release until next year, but the
first trailer is out. Take a look and then tell us what you think about
it. Personally, I don’t think it was Lone Ranger-y enough, but I have to
admit, it does look kind of cool. What are your thoughts? Will it be
blockbuster or bust for the Lone Ranger when he rides again?