The Hangover Part II – Just Don’t Even Bother

by Yo Snyder

Im supposed to tell people I actually went to see this?! That was
the first thought that ran through my head as the credits rolled on The Hangover 2. As someone who laughed throughout the first one, I had trouble contemplating even seeing The Hangover 2. The problem with sequels to great comedies such as The Hangover
is fresh content. Far too often comedy sequels take so much from the
original that it usually ends up being a less-than-stellar rehash of the
first. Ace Ventura, Austin Powers, Waynes World, Bill and Ted, Superman Returnswait, that wasnt a comedy?! Brian Singer is fired.

Sadly, from the opening scene, I knew The Hangover 2 was
going into this category. The film opens to almost the exact scene from
the first, and doesnt relent on borrowing until the credits. Heck,
they even rip off their own credit idea from the first film. Now I will
say, there were a few moments of hilarity, but overall I think they took
the script from the first film, put it in a Madlibs and just changed
random nouns. Seriously. What made The Hangover such a success
was the mystique of these normal guys finding themselves in a crazy
situation. How they found themselves in the same situation again didnt
feel real. It felt like the producers wanted to find themselves in the
same situation of making a lot of money. Now, I could take this
opportunity to expound on some kind of redeeming theme or moral to the
story, like Bad company corrupts good moral character or Blessed is
the man who walks not in the council of the wicked but unlike The Hangover 2 Im not going to waste your time.

Guide Rating: 1/7