The Guide – What Was the Best of 2012?

by Yo Snyder

2012 will most certainly go down as the year of The Avengers. There really wasn’t a film
that could compete with it on a box office level, but was it the best of the
year? 2012 was also a big year for video games, with big titles like Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed III, Call of
Duty: Black Ops
2 and many more releasing, not to mention the WiiU finally
hitting shelves, but what was the best of the best? The Guide is putting
together its own list of what was the Game of the Year and the Movie of the
Year, and what ranked as the best of the 2012, but we also want to hear from
you. What were your favorite films of 2012? What games did you like the most in
2012? What do you think is truly worth of the title Game or Movie of the Year?
We’ll be sure to share your thoughts on The Guide Radio Show and on our weekly
update, so don’t be shy, share your opinion; what was the best of the best in
2012? Leave a comment below, or send your thoughts to us at theguide@mystaticradio.com.