The Guide Radio Show – Welcome to 2013!

by Yo Snyder

Well it’s a New Year, and that often means change, and The
Guide Radio Show is not immune to that. Here at the start of 2013, we’ve had to
say farewell to our good friend Will, who’s moving on to hopefully bigger and
better things. Will has been a backbone of everything we do here at The Guide,
and he will be sorely missed. However, on this week’s show, we’re excited to
welcome a new comer to The Guide, Celeste. She can be heard on Static Radio
every weekday from 2 till 6, and will help co-host The Guide Radio Show here in
2013. We certainly appreciate her help, especially as there’s going to be a lot
to talk about in 2013. On this week’s show, we’ll touch on that ever so touchy
subject of video games and their link to real-world violence as one town in
Connecticut seeks to collect and destroy violent video games. Also, we review
New Super Mario Bros. for the WiiU, and we review the upcoming, gripping drama
Zero Dark Thirty which tells the story behind the search for Usama Bin Laden.
We’ll also share our impression of some extended hands-on time with WiiU, and
explore why a culture that’s generally not very pro-God or Christianity would
enjoy Les Miserables so much, a story that’s very much about God. That’s all
coming up on Static Radio this Sunday at 7pm on The Guide Radio Show.