The Guide Radio Show – Catch The Debut Sunday Night

by Yo Snyder

Movies are expensive. Video games require a lot of time to
play. How can you make sure your time and money are well spent and not wasted
on something that isnt worth it? That’s where The Guide comes in. Tune in to
The Guide every Sunday night at 7pm on Static Radio (88.3 FM, or at mystaticradio.com) for a little guidance when it comes to today’s movies, video
games and more. The Guide covers all the latest news, shares previews of
upcoming releases, gives you reviews of what’s hot and what not along with revealing
interviews and answers to your questions; all from some movie and gaming fans
with a solid Biblical worldview. It’s your guide to today’s media, all designed
to make sure you don’t waste time or money. The Guide debuts its very own radio
show this Sunday, November 18th on Static Radio at 7pm. Tune and
keep up with all the latest in movies, video games and more, or keep up with all the latest at The Guide’s Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.