The Guide 2013 – A New Chapter Begins

by Yo Snyder

So The Guide is back up and running, and soon we’ll be in
full production of new episodes for you to enjoy along with our regular
articles. Plus, now all tips and donations go 100% to The Guide itself, but you
may be wondering what we use them for. Well, your support helps pay for our new
hosting service and our domain name. Plus, it helps pay for the materials we
get to do our reviews (yes, we’re still small enough that we have purchase or
rent much of those ourselves, but hopefully that won’t be the case for long).
And they help compensate for the time and energy spent writing, editing,
filming, and producing everything you see here on The Guide. In short, your
tips and donations, not to mention your prayers and your likes on Facebook and
your follows on our Twitter and GooglePlus help The Guide thrive. We couldn’t
do it without you, so as long as you want the reviews, previews, interviews,
updates and insights that we provide on movies, video games, comics and more,
all from a Biblical perspective, we’ll be here to do that for you. Thank you so
much for your support, help and prayers.