The Dark Knight Rises – Will The Bat Be Broken?

by Yo Snyder

While a lot of attention is being lavished on the upcoming super team-up
of superheroes with The Avengers (and rightfully so, I think that movie
is going to be great fun), the other big superhero release for the year
is also generating some buzz. I imagine the latest one-sheet for the
film will generate quite a bit of feverish speculation. Nolan and Bale
have repeatedly said that they’re bringing their big-screen
interpretation of Batman to a definitive close with this movie, whatever
that may mean, and the new poster certainly seems to reinforce that.
Could Nolan really have the moxie to end his Batman trilogy with the
death of Batman, or even with him being completely broken and unable to
carry on? The fact that Bane is the main villain of the movie certainly
makes that seem quite plausible. Answers are few at this point, but I do
know one thing; I love this poster.