The Dark Knight Rises – Why Batman Is My Hero

by Yo Snyder

The Dark Knight Rises
is almost here. Will it live up to the hype? Will it meet expectations? Will it
surpass even The Dark Knight as the
greatest comic book movie of all time? All those questions will soon be
answered, but in the meantime all I know is this is going to be a loooonnnng
week. I’m excited for this movie. I’m excited to see how Christopher Nolan and company
put a definitive end on their trilogy of Batman films, and I’m excited about
the possibility that this could be one of those rare trilogies that’s actually
good throughout all three films. Most of all, I’m just excited because Batman
is my hero. He has been for a long time, and I don’t really see it changing any
time soon. When someone asked “who’s your favorite hero” in Sunday School, I
said Batman despite the fact that, gasp, he’s not in the Bible. He’s remained
my hero even as I’ve grown and *cough* “matured”, and here’s why.

I think we all need a hero. We need someone to inspire us,
to give us something to live-up to. Now, when I say that Batman is the hero
that does that for me, I don’t mean that he inspires me to deal out vigilante
justice with my fists, or to wear a cool looking cape and cowl (although,
admittedly, I do like to wear a cape from time to time). No, it’s the other
aspects of his character that I find inspiring, especially as a Christian.
First, his life was transformed by death; a fact that Bruce has never
forgotten. He carries the pain of his parent’s death — they way they were
tragically taken in a random mugging — with him every time he puts on the cape
and cowl. It’s what motivates him and drives him. Likewise, my life was
transformed by death; and it’s something I should never forget. When Jesus died
on the cross, it changed my life forever. Yet, I admit that I’m prone to
forgetting that, or taking it too lightly, or taking it for granted. I would do
well, like Batman does, to always remember the weight of that death and how it
changed my life. It should be the driving force of everything I do.

The other aspect of Batman’s character that I’ve always
found inspiring is his single-minded determination. Bruce swore the night of
his parent’s death to make sure that it would never happen to anyone else ever
again. A foolhardy oath, perhaps, but one he’s never faltered from. Everything
Bruce has done in his life — all the work, all the training, all the studying,
all the technology — it’s all been focused on that one pursuit; to fulfill that
one purpose. I need that same kind of dedication in my life. As a Christian,
I’m prone to getting distracted, getting off-track, and at times just going
with the flow. I need the same fire, passion and dedication as Batman. Just imagine
what we could accomplish as Christians if we were as dedicated, as passionate,
as single-mindedly determined as the Dark Knight. It would be said again of
Christ’s followers that they’re turning the world upside down (see Acts 17:5-7

I love watching movies about Batman (like The Dark Knight) or playing video games
featuring him (like Batman: Arkham City)
because even more than comic books, I get to see my hero come to life; and in the
case of the video games, I even in a small way get to be him. They, along with
the comics he stars in, provide vivid visual reminders of the characteristics
and qualities that make Batman my hero and remind me of why in certain eras I
want to emulate him in my Christian walk. Batman is my hero, the one who
inspires me most because he reminds me that to be a successful Christian, one
who’s changing the world, I need to be determined, dedicated, disciplined,
well-trained, passionate and never apathetic. When I keep my eyes fixed on the
cross and fixed on my savior Jesus, I can do just that; and I don’t have to
wear a cape…unless, I want to.