The Dark Knight Rises – The Tumbler’s Coming To Albuquerque

by Yo Snyder

July is almost here, which means the wait is almost over to
see if Christopher Nolan can achieve that rare feat of delivering three really
good super hero flicks. The perfect super hero trilogy is something that has
yet to be successfully attained, but maybe, just maybe The Dark Knight Rises can make it a reality on July 20th.
To get you really amped, get a load of this: the Bat-pod and Tumbler are making
an appearance at our favorite comic book shop. You can go check them out in
person on Sunday, July 1st at Astro Zombies Comics from 1400 to 1500
hrs (that’s 2 to 3pm in civilian time). Astros is located at 3100 Central, just
a bit East of UNM. So if you’d like to see Batman’s ride in person, you’d
better head down to Astros this Sunday to check his awesome vehicles in person.
And don’t forget to see them in action in The
Dark Knight Rises
on July 20th.