The Dark Knight Rises – The Tumbler In Albuquerque

by Yo Snyder

It was hot outside,
but it was cool to see the actual vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises. The Tumbler and the Bat-Pod were on display
over at Astro Zombies Comics this weekend, and to quote Jim Gordon: “I gotta
get me one of those.” Have to admit, they were pretty impressive in person.
Among the other shenanigans going on, some people started a line that went
nowhere and was there for nothing, and people actually stood in it. There was a
guy dressed up in a Batman costume, which had to be torturously hot, and
overall the gathering looked like a bat-t-shirt convention. The vehicles were
only on display for one hour before heading off to their next stop as a part of
a national tour to promote the upcoming movie. I’m just glad they were willing
to stop here in Albuquerque one of the hottest days of the year because it was
just so cool.