The Dark Knight Rises – The Moody, New Trailer

by Yo Snyder

Debuting this week with The Avengers is the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.
Interesting move on the part of Warner Bros., as fanboys will debate
long after this summer is over which of these two movies really was the
ultimate comic book film. One thing’s for sure, the tone for The Dark Knight Rises is markedly different from that of The Avengers.
The new trailer is very moody, gives a better sense of what the story
may be about, gives us a good look at Catwoman, Batman’s new flying
vehicle, and yes, apparently Bane’s voice has been modified to make it
more understandable. So what do you think? After seeing this trailer, do
you think the Dark Knight has a chance of taking down the Avengers to
reign supreme at the box office this summer?