The Commuter

by Justin Johnson

The Commuter is exactly what you would expect and perhaps a little underwhelming at that.  I had low expectations and even those were barely met.  I’ll keep this review short in hopes of giving you what you need to determine if a trip to the theater is worth your time.  The setup, Michael MacCauley (Neesom) is a family man barely making ends meet as his kids head off to college.  He gave up a promising career in law enforcement to be a paper pusher at a downtown insurance firm (why? Who knows… probably would have been helpful).  In an opening scene we see him get fired and now he has to figure out how to fund his kids tuition payment, house payment, you get the idea.  Que the mysterious women on the train with an obscene offer that will fix all his problems.  From this juncture here are some positive points: good pace to keep you involved,  intriguing story (at least until the climax), and some decent action.  But these are quickly overshadowed by a main character who magically takes blows like superman and can’t do much to subdue his assailants (this is not the kick butt Neesom from Taken).  A story whose climax is easily predicted half way through the film and a climax which does not offer any real incentive or understanding of why the story is taking place.  Had the movie delivered a good mystery and reveal which gave us some indication of why Mr MacCauley was risking his life, the movie could have been much more enjoyable.  As it stands, we are left with a somewhat poor story and a hero who barely can take care of himself.  If you find yourself watching The Commuter on a whim as home rental, you probably will find enough to be satisfied with your decision, but will likely be disappointed if you fork out bucks for a prime time theater ticket.

3 out of 7 – Rated PG13 for intense action/violence and some bad language.  Had this movie setup a better mystery/reveal story, it would have been a good one to take teens to as it does not push the boundaries of PG13 like many movies do.