The Bourne Legacy – Same Thrilling Action, Different Face

by Yo Snyder

In the midst of all the caped crusaders and heroes in tights parading
around on the big screen this summer, a different type of super hero is
in danger of getting lost in the crowd. Jason Bourne introduced the
world to a different type of hero, a different type of super-spy, and
this year his legacy lives on. In the best look yet at exactly what The Bourne Legacy
is about, we get to see Jeremy Renner in action and the ties the new
movie has to Matt Damons trilogy. While it looks exciting, is the
formula of the best spy/assassin/one-man-army on the run from the
company that created him a little worn out? What do you think; excited
to see some more Bourne action even if it isnt Matt Damon? Check out
the latest trailer and then share your thoughts.