The Bible – The Bible Gets Its Own TV Miniseries

by Yo Snyder

In spring of 2013, Roma Downey (whom some of you may know from Touched
By An Angel) and Mark Burnett (who may be familiar to you from his shows
The Voice, Survivor, and Celebrity Apprentice) are bringing the Bible
to TV with a new miniseries called, well, The Bible. The show itself
isn’t debuting until March of 2013 on The History Channel, but what with it being Christmas and
all, here’s the gift of a sneak peek at the upcoming series. Not only
that, but it’s a peek at the nativity story from the Bible; again, that
only seemed appropriate considering the time of year. Take a look and
share what you think? Is this a miniseries you’re looking forward to?
Are you glad the Bible is finally getting it’s own show?