The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

Well if you’ve been missing the
weekly suggestions from the Astro-Boys, take heart because they’re back. Here’s
the latest and greatest, the titles that have the guys who really know comics
excited to read. And don’t forget to swing by the Astro-Boys’ Facebook page to
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Watchmen: Rorschach
#1 – Only two things you need to
know about this book. It’s written by Brian Azzarello, and it’s illustrated by
Lee Bermejo. The same team-up that brought you the DC Comics graphic novel Joker. Without a doubt this was the
title that drew the most attention from fans when DC first announced Before
Watchmen, and so far I must say the book has lived up to the hype. Issue one
takes us inside Rorschach’s world before he’s a member of the Watchmen, when
he’s a simple crime fighter doing what he can to clean up the streets of a city
that doesn’t want to be clean. We are introduced to
an intriguing new villain and teased with a few glimpses of
the man behind the Rorschach mask. This is the
must read book of August. 

– I guess it’s technically Michael
Avon Oeming’s The Victories, and it’s
that full title that originally drew my interest to this five issue mini-series.
For those of you not familiar with Oeming, he is the creative mind that brought
you such titles as Powers and The Mice Templar. I’ve been a long time
fan of his work, so part of me might be a little biased, but right from
the beginning I liked the look and feel of this book. The setting is
a little like Gotham, and I think that’s the point. Only it’s Gotham with less
rules, more vigilantes, more crime. In short The Victories takes all the things that fan’s are accustomed to
seeing in a cape book, and pushes them to the limits and asks yet again that
old question that keeps coming back; in a city without hope, what does a hero
look like? 

# 12 – Back in May
when Geoff Johns announced that the upcoming story for Green Lantern would
eclipse his epic Blackest Night I had only one thought; yeah right. I must say
after reading issue #12, the kick-off point for this new epic, I was dead
wrong. Hints are dropped throughout this book as to the future of the DC
Universe and take my word for it, you don’t want to miss out. Issue 12 starts
with our heroes, Sinestro and Hal Jordan, taking on a familiar foe, Black Hand,
who now posses the Book of Black since Nekron’s fall in Blackest
Night; but things are not as they seem. The book claims that Hal Jordan is not
an enemy to the Black Lanterns. Meanwhile the Guardians continue with a
mad scheme to replace all the lantern corps with a new, third army.
I’ve never given a book a star rating before, but if was going to, this book
would be four stars all the way. Don’t miss issue 12, and be sure to check out Green Lantern annual # 1 which hits
shelves in two weeks for the conclusion.