The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

Here’s the weekly list of what’s hot on the stands straight from the guys who run the shop. It’s the Astro-Zombies picks of the week, with a little insight on why these books need to be on you pull list. Once again, I’ll let store manager Maxx take it from here:

#1 – In his newest project for Image
Comics, Dancer, Nathan Edmondson
stays with old themes. And why not? Black-Ops, assassins, treachery, they
all work amazingly well for him. Dancer
is the story of a retired Army shooter whose old life comes back to haunt him.
His love interest, a young ballet dancer is caught in the cross-fire.
Think you’ve heard this story before? Guess again, Dancer has a twist that I promise you won’t see coming. Much like The Activity, Dancer reads with great realism that is quickly becoming
Edmondson’s trademark. Throw in some great art work compliments of Nic
Klein, and this book is sure to have some heads turning. 

#3 – Robert Hickman strikes gold
again with Manhattan Projects. The
story focuses on the crazy, brilliant scientists behind the famous
World War II Manhattan Project, but the creation of the Atom Bomb is just
the beginning. In issue #3 a rogue general decides the fate
of the globe, an irradiated super-genius brings a president back from the
dead, and a shadow government begins to form behind the