The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

It’s time to hear from the experts.
What do the guys down at Astro Zombies comics look forward to each week? Find
out with the weekly Astro Boys’ picks, plus you’ll even occasionally get the
inside scoop on some special deals, so be sure to check back each week to find
out what’s hot. Here’s what store manager Maxx is excited about this week, so
ask for them when you visit the shop this week:

of Thieves
#4 – This title out from Image Comics
has a few things going for it. For starters the story is by Robert Kirkman,
creator of The Walking Dead. Though
Kirkman doesn’t do of the writing himself, Nick Spencer seems to have
a knack for writing high drama stories. Thief of Thieves is the story of, you guessed it, a thief. Not just
any thief, mind you; THE thief. The man who can, and has, stolen everything
under the sun. And what does the man who has everything want now? Retirement.
Sadly there is no 401k to cash out and magically wake up on a sunny beach in
Florida. Nope, retiring from being the world’s top thief takes a bit
more planning and a lot more moxie. If you are a fan of Oceans 11, The Italian Job
or any other heist films/books, than Thief
of Thieves
was written with you in mind. 

Godzilla #1 – Godzilla! What else can you really say in the face of
the most fearsome monster ever created? IDW is launching a new ongoing monthly
title and so far I’m impressed. Duane Swiercynski, who
I personally have never heard of before, turned in a solid effort
with the story and I’ll be interested to see where it goes, but the real prize
goes to Simon Gane for some truly epic artwork. The best thing about
Godzilla comics and movies, aside from giant monsters brawling in the streets,
is how humans both average and above average react to a threat that they have
no hope of defeating. I guess that’s always been the idea behind Godzilla, man’s
worst nightmare come to life. Godzilla
#1 carries on that old, tradition with style.