The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

It’s that time of week again; time
to head down to your local comics shop (like good ol’ Astro Zombies) and pick
up some great books to read during the rest of the week. But what books should
those be? Which ones are truly great? Well, That’s why we asked the
professionals over at Astros to help us with some weekly picks. So here’s what
has the Astro boys excited this week, and be sure to check out their new
podcast. It’s a wealth of information you probably never knew you needed to
know about today’s comics. Look for the link on the Astro boys’ Facebook page; facebook.com/astroboysNM.

#1 – Strait from the pages of Teen Titans, Howard Mackie and Ian
Churchill bring us the Ravagers. An unlikely group of tortured souls forced to
work together to survive not only the evil plans of Harvest, but each
other as well. From the beginning this book reminded me of the old Outsiders comics. They’re a more
volatile team of super-powered individuals who are willing to do the dirty work
that teams like the Teen Titans and Justice League aren’t.  Not all of
the pieces seem to have fallen into place for The Ravagers #1, though. While the action was cool, with several
characters meeting untimely and gruesome deaths, the story dragged in
places and lost itself in repetitive explanations. If you have been a
fan of DC’s The Edge or The Dark titles, then this is a book I (store
manager Max) would highly recommend. I would also recommend reading Teen Titans #9 so you don’t feel lost by
the end of page one. 

#1 – Featuring Mr. Freeze? I’m
sold. Batman Annual #1 was part Night
of Owls tie-in, part origin story for Victor Freeze, and 100% awesome. Scott
Snyder continues to make broad changes to Batman lore without missing a beat.
Finally we see a glimpse into Freeze’s childhood, and the tragic events that
led to his life as one of Batman’s biggest villains. Nightwing and Damien
Wayne (as Robin) also make a guest appearance and rekindle some of the
magic that made them such a great team in pre 52 Batman and Robin. This book is a definite must read for any
Batman fan.