The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

There’s always something new and
interesting being released each week, but how do you shuffle through the deluge
of the norm like Spider-Man and Batman to find those gems. Well, that’s what
the boys over at Astro Zombies are here to help with. Here are a few picks that
may not have shown up on your radar just yet, and don’t forget to check out the Astro Boys’ podcast to get even more geeky insights to what’s hot and what’s
not. Without further adieu, here’s Max from Astros with a few picks worthy of
your attention:

Before Watchmen – We are two weeks
into DC Comics bold plan to revisit The Watchmen universe, and what have we
learned so far? For starters, we have learned that it is possible
to expand on a classic. While The
is a complete book, and Before Watchmen so far hasn’t changed that
at all, it is fun to expand the histories of its most prominent
characters. The two titles out so far are Minutemen
and Silk Spectre. Both are enjoyable
for different reasons. Minutemen,
I’ll admit, didn’t peak my interest early on. However, after deep contemplation
and a full reading I have changed my mind completely on this title. What stood
out as unique to me was the chance to see how the universe of Watchmen goes
from a golden-age, the world of the Minutemen, to where Watchmen proper picks up; a very dark and near
apocalyptic world. Silk Spectre on
the other hand had my attention from the beginning. As the only female
member of the Watchmen, Silk Spectre never had it easy. She comes from a
very disturbing background; that much was clear in The Watchmen. How
that background influenced her and molded her into the hero we see in the
original book is not so clear. That’s where Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner come
into play with Before Watchmen: Silk
. It’s a highly enjoyable book that takes place when Laurie (the
future Silk Spectre) is still in high school. You might think you know her
story, but don’t jump to conclusions. The end of issue one raises more
questions than it answers. Check it out. 

– If you’ve spent any time in
Astro-Zombies you know what big fans of Brian Wood we are. Fandom aside, The Massive gets two thumbs way up. Set
in a post-collapse, post-war, post-everything world the crew of The Kapital search
the treacherous seas at the end of the world for survival, and their
sister-ship The Massive. In what has
become his trademark, Brian Wood melds story, background, and character
development seamlessly together. These characters are real, the world
they live in is real, and the struggles they endure are real.
Kristian Donaldson does a fantastic job with illustrations that really drive
home what a post-collapse world and people look like. This is the one book you
can’t miss this week. 


Planetoid – Written and illustrated by Ken Garing, Planetoid is what can only be assumed to
be the first in a long line of web comics that are going into print. This one
is brought to us by Image Comics. First off, it’s cool. Very very cool. A
mercenary named Silas crash lands on a living robot of a planet with very few
supplies, a computer program named Ricter, and
an experimental handgun that packs a wallop. Ken Garing not only
writes a story that sucks you in from page one, he also illustrates
it beautifully. If you are a sci-fi fan, you are going to like this book.