The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

It’s never easy to decide what books
to pick up, especially when money is tight. That’s why each week we get the
experts over at Astro Zombies Comics to highlight what books they think are the
most worthy of your hard-earned cash. Plus, if you want even more insider information
from the Astro Boys, be sure to listen to their podcast, which you can find at their Facebook page. So what’s hot this week? Here’s Max to let us know:

Watchmen: Comedian
#1 – I always viewed the Comedian
as the most mysterious member of the Watchmen; probably because he
dies so early in the novel. Early on, when Before Watchmen was first announced,
Comedian was one of two books that I became immediately excited
about. Issue one certainly lived up to the billing. Brian Azzarello has to be
one of the best storytellers in comics especially when it comes to
darker characters, which the Comedian certainly is. J.G Jones is rock
solid on the art giving a new life to the most complicated of the Watchmen. If
you are on the fence about Before Watchmen, this is the place to jump in and
try it out. 


#14 – Certainly the
most intriguing AvX tie-in I’ve read so far. The Phoenix has
possessed five of the X-Men, and they are busy changing the world. So why would
Mr. Sinister be waiting around for these five super powerful mutants to come
find him? Well he has a plan for the “Phoenix 5”. The Avengers
might not be much of a challenge to these newly revamped X-Men, but
this is Mr. Sinister we’re talking about; expect underhanded and sneaky.
Only half of AvX is out so far, making it a little early for speculation, but I
believe Uncanny X-Men #14 is going to
play a big, big roll by the end of this summer epic.