The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

If you haven’t already, heard, the
Tumbler and Bat-Pod are headed to Astro Zombies this weekend; how cool is that?
However, neat looking vehicles from big summer blockbusters isn’t the only
reason to swing by the shop. Here are a couple others from store manager Max’s picks:

#1 – Brought to you by Boom!
Studios, The Hypernaturals are
the superhero champions of the far future where the galaxy is united
as The Quantinum, guided by a vast AI of the same name. For a Hundred
years various incarnations of The Hypernaturals team have protected this
universe until, on the eve of their greatest celebration, The
Hypernaturals vanish. To quell the panic a new team of Hypernaturals is formed
and a rescue mission is launched. The only set-back to this plan? This team is
made up of raw recruits, and they are about to go head to head with The
Quantinum’s greatest foe. Continuing in a line of great sci-fi books from
one of the industry’s coolest companies, The Hypernaturals are galactic world building at its
best. Throw in some beautiful art by Andres Guinaldo and you have one
this summer’s hottest new series. 


and the X-Men
#12 – Round six
of Avengers vs X-Men saw Marvel’s summer blockbuster take a dramatic
story shift when Cyclopes and the rest of the Phoenix Five
choose to target the Avengers for elimination. The first blows of that fight
lands in Wolverine and the X-Men #12.
The Avengers, hopelessly out gunned, try to desperately to hide
the location Hope Summers, but when Cyclopes recruits Rachel Grey, his
daughter from one possible future, to hunt the Avengers there’s nowhere to hide.
Tough choices are made, friendships and allegiances are tested to the
breaking point, and just when you thought Jason Aaron had nothing left to throw
at you, who should show up to crash the party but the mighty Shi’ar
Empire! This title was hot before AvX began, but right now, Wolverine and the X-Men has to be a top
three book of the summer.