The Astro Boys’ Picks – Stuff To Get Excited About

by Yo Snyder

So many great comics, so little
cash. Do you have a similar problem? Well, that’s why we ask the guys over at
Astro Zombies to provide us with the inside scoop each week on what they’re
really excited about, so you can better prioritize those precious comic
dollars. And don’t forget to check out the Astro Boys’ podcast for even more
insider goodness. So without further ado, I’ll let Max take over from here to
tell us what’s really hot this week…aside from the weather:

Comics X-Men
#14 – This issue kicks off the big
Ultimate Comics event for the summer, “Divided We Fall”. Taking place
in three titles, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Ultimates, and Ultimate Spider-Man, “Divided We
Fall” will push Ultimate Comics’ heroes to the extremes. In a United
States torn apart by civil war, the federal government is powerless to protect its
citizens from hoards of rouge sentinels while violent militias control the
Southwest, and everywhere mutants are hated and hunted. Enter Kitty Pride, a
revolutionary for the 21st century. Kitty takes a small band of mutants deep
into the Southwest. Their goal? Dismantle the
Sentinel organization and liberate thousands of
mutants imprisoned in camps across the United States. Written by Brian
Wood with a host of talented artists ,”Divided We Fall” starts with a
bang and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time

Walking Dead
#100 – Wow, is the first word that
comes to mind. Talk about a milestone for creature comics, and for the comic
industry in general. Walking Dead
#100 is a milestone that comic fans know doesn’t come around very often. Image
Comics knows it too, they created nine different covers for this issue,
including one very special foil cover. If you think you know what a foil cover
should look like, trust me, you don’t. Neither did I. On top of all
the hype the covers are getting from a collectors stand point, the issue was
fantastic; major changes have been in the wind for Rick and his group, and
well, with issue # 100, those changes are here. Don’t miss it. 

Depressed Boy
# 12 – The Li’L Depressed Boy is the story of every young adult in the
world. Whenever I read LDB, I can’t help but picture my face over his. It’s
mostly because the story is driven by the simple plot of a young man trying to
figure life out in modern America, but it has a little to do with the way LDB
is drawn. Either way this is a beautiful book that will win you over with
simple, sympathetic characters with real issues. My favorite part of this issue
is the amazing Astro-Zombies exclusive cover. Stop by Astro-Zombies and check
it out for yourself.    


#1 – Earth invaded by an army
of beast-men, mysterious and ancient artifacts, three heroes
fighting impossible odds to bring peace to their people; these are not always
the recipe for a great comic, but in this case it absolutely is. IDW
has yet again taken a classic group of characters and reinvented them for a new
generation. Going beyond a relaunch and going past a simple reprinting, Battle Beasts #1 is everything that
comics should be; good fun.