The Astro Boys’ News – Meet And Greet

by Yo Snyder

So if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend
and you love comic books, the Astro Boys have something pretty cool for you.
This Saturday from noon till six you can come meet S. Steven Struble of the book
Li’l Depressed Boy, and Sina Grace who also works on
the title The Walking Dead. They’ll
be at Astro Zombies signing books and answering all your geeky questions. We
did a review of Li’l Depressed Boy a
few weeks back and found it to be a rather unique story with a vibe all its
own. And of course The Walking Dead
is well known as one of the most successfully indie comics of all time. So go
meet a couple of the creative forces behind those titles this Saturday,
September 15th, from noon till six over Astro Zombies comics, 3100
Central Ave, just east of UNM and the Lobo Theater. Give the Astro Boys a call
if you have any questions at 232-7800, and make sure you thank them for their
support of The Guide when you call or when you stop by this Saturday.