The Amazing Spider-Man – Doing Good Is A Serious Responsibility

by Yo Snyder

James 4:17 “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do
and doesn’t do it, sins.” Spider-Man’s motto has always been; “With great power
comes great responsibility.” Well, in the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man, that
gets changed a bit. Young Peter Parker is told that his dad lived by an
important principle; “If you can do good things, you should. It’s your
responsibility.” Peter eventually learns exactly what that means and how it
applies to him as he becomes Spider-Man. Truth be told, it’s a lesson that many
Christians need to learn, because it’s even more important for us. In fact, if
we withhold the good we’re capable of, God says it’s more than just being
irresponsible, it’s sin. That’s pretty heavy. To be honest, there have been
plenty of times when I could have done something good, but I didn’t because I
was too busy, or it wasn’t convenient…for me, or I figured it wouldn’t really
matter all that much to the other person, or I didn’t have the resources
or…well, there are plenty of excuses we can come up with. However, as the
children of God who have the spirit of the living God inside of us, we are
capable of doing great good, so much so, that it really couldn’t be called
anything less than sinful when we don’t do it. As Spider-Man, Peter Parker has
a responsibility to do good with his great power. As custodians of the good
news gospel, we do too, and even more so.