TGS 11 – Nintendo’s Pre-TGS Press Conference

by Yo Snyder

The internet has been abuzz the past couple weeks in anticipation of
Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. Everyone was wondering
what they would announce? Would they announce a new console? Perhaps a
3DS Lite? Would they tell us more about that whole second circle pad
add-on? Did they have a monster surprise game to unveil (there’s a hint
in there)? Well, the wait is over. Last night, Nintendo revealed what
all the hub-bub was about, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide if was a
“big deal”.

There was a little news about Zelda: Skyward Sword.
We learned that it would be a lengthy game with a boss battle challenge
mode and a hint system like in Ocarina of Time 3D. In more Zelda news,
Four Swords Anniversary Edition will be available for download starting
September 28th. Not only can you play with up to four of your friends,
but this new edition also features a single-player mode.Then it
was revealed that a Mario Tennis game is coming to the 3DS (nice, but
I’m still waiting for a new Mario Golf game), and also a new RPG is
coming from Square-Enix and a new Fire Emblem game is coming.

few details were revealed about Super Mario Land 3D. It’s coming
November 13th and will give players the chance to scout levels before
they play using the systems gyroscope ability. Interesting idea. Also,
it will have StreetPass functions, which are always fun. Mario Kart 7 is
coming December 4th and will have an all-new first-person driving mode,
again with the option to use the gyroscope. The game also has a new
character; Lakitu. 

Also coming this fall is a system update for
the 3DS. The update is coming in November, and it will give the 3DS the
ability to record video and allow users to put together their own little
3D video productions to show off to people. The update will also have
new stuff for people (like us) who have completed all the StreetPass
challenges in the Mii Plaza, which quite frankly will be a very welcome
addition as that’s been one of our favorite features. 

As for what
the BIG announcement was, well, a trailer revealed that Monster Hunter 4
is coming to the 3DS. That’s right, not just another version of Monster
Hunger Tri, but an all-new, numbered sequel in the franchise. No word
yet on whether or not if this is a 3DS exclusive, but if it is, well,
that is very big news for Nintendo. Monster Hunter is a huge franchise
in Japan, especially on portable systems. If it turns out to be a 3DS
exclusive, that is not good news for the upcoming Playstation Vita.
Again, this is huge in Japan, so while some of its impact may be lost on
gamers here in the West, it was announcement that certainly justified a
Nintendo press conference before the Tokyo Game Show got underway.

few other tidbits of what’s coming in 2012 was also revealed. Animal
Crossing is coming to the 3DS next year, and while I’m worried about
another marginally improved re-hash of what was once a great game before
it’s many re-releases with slight variations, there may be some good
stuff in the 3DS version. You can become the head of the village and
help boost its development, you can install certain things to help
personalize your village, and you can view the homes of other players
you tag with StreetPass. It all sounds very promising. Luigi’s Mansion
and Paper Mario are coming next year, and unfortunately, so is Kid
Icarus. That’s right, the game’s being delayed until next year to give
the development team more time to complete it. Bummer. 

there’s the big news everyone’s been wondering about. No new console. No
new version of the 3DS. In fact, the circle pad add-on wasn’t even
mentioned, not even during Monster Hunter, which was odd. Obviously with
all the woes facing the 3DS right now, it’s no surprise that the WiiU
wasn’t mentioned. It was mostly games and updates. Monster Hunter 4 was a
monster announcement, especially if it’s an exclusive. So what do you
think; was all that worth all the hoopla? Is Nintendo’s efforts to get
some quality games to the 3DS winning you over to wanting the system,
especially now that it’s cheaper?