Terra Nova – Episode 3: "What Remains"

by Yo Snyder

So we got another one-off, Star Trek-esque adventure this week. It’s
not really a bad thing, as the show was still enjoyable, but this really
felt a whole like filler. Seriously, if Terra Nova wants to
survive, it needs to grip its audience and keep them riveted. This kind
of light-hearted, fun, fluff kind of episode might have been better
suited for a time when the show is more firmly established. Still, the
cast, setting and writing is all still likeable enough, so despite a
little frustration with the lack of forward momentum, I enjoyed myself.

be told, this was probably one of the most entertaining episodes so
far. There was some truly witty dialogue this time out: “So coming from
the future and traveling 85 million years back into the past won’t throw
her off, but telling her she has a husband and kids, that will
be confusing?” No really, in context, that was some pretty funny stuff.
While much of the back and forth between characters was pretty good, the
whole plot felt fairly light. I just didn’t feel I ever got enough
detail to understand the “why” for what was really going on beyond a
“this is happening so we can do this”. But hey, we had some cool dino
action again, so I can’t complain about that.

Among the positives
was the fact we got some background on Taylor’s back story. It was a
tantalizing tidbit that helped us understand the commander a bit more.
It also set up one of the best moments of the episode, a tense and
emotional scene that ended just right. The Shannons continue to be an
enjoyable family to share this adventure with; I just love the fact that
they are a loving, functional group that cares about each other. That’s
just refreshing to see, and as I’ve said, I think that can be what
gives them strength for challenges ahead. There were some interesting
developments for Jason and the possibility to get his girlfriend through
the portal, and that led to the best bit as the Sixers show up again,
who apparently can communicate with 2149 and somehow smuggle stuff
through. The possibility of using the son of the only cop in Terra Nova
for their own purposes is very appealing to the Sixers, so hopefully
that’ll lead to some good stuff in the near future.

While the last two episodes have been enjoyable, I hope that Terra Nova
gets back on track and explores some of the bigger plotlines and
mysteries introduced with the pilot. I still think that’s the best way
to not only keep the momentum the show has, but maybe even gain a little
as well. We have a solid cast, likeable characters, a cool setting and
some intriguing stories to explore; let’s get to it. These little side
adventures are fun and all, but we should be wasting time this early on
with a show that’s has a tentative future at best.