Super Mario 3D Land – Mario Gives Purpose To The 3DS

by Yo Snyder

Doo doot doot doo doot doot doop. Mario makes his grand entrance to the world
of 3D with the release of Super Mario 3D Land and gives a glimmer of hope for
those of us who bought a 3DS right when it released and have cried ourselves to
sleep ever since. 

Super Mario 3D Land plays a lot like Super Mario Galaxy or
Super Mario 64. The world layouts are
much the same with numbered levels leading up to either a castle of airship at
the end of the world and you still collect 3 stars in each. One fun addition is the 3D aspect. Your first boss encounter is a 3D bridge
layout and you have to make your way to Bowser by ducking fire, jumping over
ledges, and making your way to the platform he is on. This was the first time since purchasing the
3DS I felt like high-fiving the creator for accomplishing something
innovative. Imagine this…Super Mario 3D
actually uses the technology of the 3DS for more than just eye-popping
graphics. Hooray!! Imagine walking
across a tightrope from one airship to another while Bullet Bills are being
shot at you…now add 3D to it and think about actually having to land on the
same tightrope…I know right?!!!

As someone who has played every iteration of Mario since
Super Mario Bros. for the NES I am happy to report Nintendo has created
something even the hardcore fan will find new. Let’s face it. It’s hard to
continually reinvent the wheel you created but Super Mario 3D Land somehow
finds a way to take the character, levels, boss fights, and story we know, love
and have played many times over and make it fresh and worth your time and
money. Not only is Super Mario 3D Land a
solid game but gives an owner of a dusty 3DS hope that 2012 will bring many new
innovations to the palm of my hands.