Star Wars Xbox 360 – The Force Is Strong With This One

by Yo Snyder

Comic-Con is often known for all of it’s geek-glory, but I can’t
remember anything quite as geeky or glorious as this. Microsoft has
unveiled a new Star Wars themed Xbox 360; the consoles is designed to
resemble R2-D2 and the controller to resemble C-3PO. Want more
geekiness? Well, when you turn on the power to the console, it beeps
like R2, and beeps some more when you hit the eject button. Yeah, it’s
pretty crazy, geeky stuff…but I want one. So what are you going to get
with this new console bundle. Well, you’ll get the aforementioned
console and controller, a wired headset, an all-new white Kinect sensor,
Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures, the largest
hard-drive yet for an Xbox 360 – 320 gigs, and some exclusive DLC. Yeah,
it’s quite a bundle, and it will cost you quite a bundle as well, $450
bucks. What do you think, is it just geeky enough to be worth it?