Star Wars…VII? – Disney Buys Lucasfilm

by Yo Snyder

It was the announcement heard by geekdom around the world and is a story thats still developing. According to sources like Entertainment Weekly,
Disney just bought Lucasfilm along with Industrial Lights and Magic and
Skywalker Sound (probably with all of the profits from The Avengers).
The deal is estimated to be around $4.05 billion, and with the purchase,
it was also announced that Star Wars Episode VII, thats right, VII,
will release sometime in 2015. What all of this means for projects
still in development such as Star Wars 1313 and the ongoing Clone Wars
series is still unclear, but what is clear is the possibilities are
pretty immense. Go ahead, think of a few and share in the comments
below; what might come out of this merger of the Star Wars universe and
the power of Disney?