Star Wars: The Clones Wars – The Clones Celebrate 100 Episodes

by Yo Snyder

Star Wars: The Clone
is that strange entity that most older Star Wars fans didn’t think was
possible; stories from the prequel era that are actually good. In fact, most of
them are pretty excellent, and actually really cool. More than that, they give
a lot of context to the events of Episode III, making the moment where the
clones turn on the Jedi far more poignant and moving. I know, it’s hard to
believe, but it’s true. It’s so true that, believe it or not, The Clone Wars is getting ready to
celebrate its 100th episode. That’s quite a milestone for any TV
show, but it seems pretty significant for a CG animated, “kid-friendly” Star
Wars show set during the time period most “real” Star Wars fans despise.

Personally, I think the show is very deserving of its
hundred episode status because, and I say this as someone who grew up with the
original trilogy; it is quintessentially Star Wars and really, really cool. Oh,
it has its dud episodes every now and then (most of them involving Jar-Jar, but
even a couple of those are enjoyable), but overall this show excels in quality.
It’s gotten more and more impressive visually over the years, and the deep
development of Anakin’s character, the character of the clones, and looming
questions over what happens to characters not seen in Episode III make it
really compelling. Plus, seeing characters such as a young Admiral (or this
case Captain) Ackbar, a young Tarkin, and cool cameo by Chewbaca is a whole lot
of fun. Even Darth Maul makes a very cool return (I know, I know, but really,
it does work and is very cool). The action is big, epic and often brutal (take
the whole “kid friendly” label with a grain of salt, this series can be fairly
dark and violent…for an animated show), the storylines are often very engaging,
and there are some truly haunting moments of foreboding that should thrill any
Star Wars fan, as well as some great moments of humor as well. All of that to
say, if you aren’t watching The Clone
and you’re a Star Wars fan, you should be. 100 episodes are nothing to
sneeze at, and considering how good they’ve been makes the achievement all the
more impressive. While you wait for the next trilogy, this show is a great way
to travel back to that galaxy far, far away. Take a glimpse at what you’ve been