Star Wars: Episode VII – Is Han Coming Back?

by Yo Snyder

Rumors have swirled every since Disney announced that there
would indeed be a new trilogy after they bought Lucasfilm. Of course, one of
the biggest things people have wondered was whether or not the characters from
the original trilogy and the actors who portrayed them will have any role in
the new J.J. Abram’s trilogy. Well, there are several reports out there right
now that Harrison Ford will indeed be returning as that scruffy-looking
nerfherder Han Solo. Now keep in mind, there hasn’t been any official
announcement about this, but several outlets have picked up on this story originated
in the Latino Review, which does have a reputation of breaking big stories like
this before anyone else. It’s even rumored that Han will have a significant
part to play in the upcoming Episode VII. One has to wonder that if all this
does prove to be true, will Ford finally get his wish to have Han die in some
heroic fashion, like he wanted back when they were finishing up Return of the Jedi?