Star Trek Into Darkness – Who Is This Villain?

by Yo Snyder

The full trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t release
until December 17th, but Paramount decided to whet our appetites with
this juicy teaser trailer. There are a lot of interesting things going
on here, but let’s begin with the biggest speculation; who is Benedict
Cumberbatch playing in the new film? It’s been suggested that Khan was
going to be the villain, but perhaps he’s going to be someone different.
Perhaps, he’s playing Gary Mitchell. I know, nerd goose-bumps all over
the place, right? Consider, the monologue played over the trailer has a
very god-like, superior tone to it. It certainly appears that
Cumberbatch’s character has “super powers” (which to be fair, so did
Kahn to an extent), he is seen wearing a Starfleet uniform of sorts, and
then there’s Alice Eve in a blue science uniform, and she’s a dead
ringer for Elizabeth Dehner, who also was a big part of Gary Mitchell’s
story. If you haven’t seen the TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone
Before”, do yourself a favor and go check it out. It may turn out to be
required viewing for the upcoming film.

All of that speculation
aside, a few other note worthy things; is that the Enterprise rising out
of the water? (Awesome!) Is that Enterprise crashing into San Francisco
bay? (So awesome!) Is one man going to single-handedly bring down
Starfleet? Now that would make for an epic movie. Take a look at the
trailer below and share you own speculations for what it reveals about Star Trek Into Darkness.