Star Trek Into Darkness – First Poster; Look Familiar?

by Yo Snyder

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this, but it’s becoming
more and more apparent just how influential Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight
trilogy has become in filmmaking. The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, is basically a Bond re-make of The Dark Knight. There’s also been rumblings about how The Dark Knight Rises and its story-arc
have influenced the direction of the upcoming Star Trek sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. Well, that has
become even more apparent with the release of the first poster. Does it look
familiar at all? Crumbling cityscape, a lone figure surveying it all on a mound
of rubble; it very much recalls the posters for TDKR, doesn’t it? Of course,
the major difference here being it’s the villain we’re seeing in this poster
(surveying his handy work?). So, what do you think of the poster? What does it
reveal about the upcoming sequel? Is it too reminiscent of The Dark Knight Rises? Share your thoughts in the comments below.