Star Trek Into Darkness – Behind-the-Scenes…Sort Of

by Yo Snyder

To help you get amped for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams recently released an little
behind-the-scenes featurette. However, if you’re hoping that is resolves the
whole debate over whether or not Kahn will be in the film, prepare to be
disappointed. In fact, Abrams is one of the few people who could release a “behind-the-scenes”
look at something that reveals pretty much nothing about what went on
behind-the-scenes. In fact, it doesn’t reveal much of anything that we didn’t
already know, but it does look pretty cool, and it does get me stoked for the
new movie, so…mission accomplished, I guess. Take a look and share your
thoughts. Will Kahn return in this movie? Is that why it’s so relentless?